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Remote Coaching

Work with our team of expert coaches from anywhere in the world.

We will provide you with all the tools you need to become the best version of yourself. Whether your targets are to become stronger, faster, leaner, or simply to move better and become more healthy, our coaches can work with you to provide you with the most up to date evidence based programs to reach the next level.


Stop guessing and training randomly.

  • Tailored training plan customised to your needs
  • Access program from the mobile app
  • Holistic lifestyle support
  • Coaching feedback through the app messaging service
  • Two calls per month with your coach

Optional in-person assessment: £120

Running cost: £400/month




In this initial discovery consultation we will discuss everything from your training, targets, injury history, lifestyle, sleep and look at the most optimal path for you moving forward.


After the consultation, we will develop your bespoke strength and conditioning program, completely tailored to your needs, level and targets. 


You will have access to daily support from our coaches via email or in the app chat, for any questions you may have, or to share your wins and personal bests.


You will have a bi-monthly catch up with your coach, where you can discuss your training progress. This is also an opportunity to discuss anything lifestyle related such as recovery or nutrition. 



We will show you how to train and improve your lifestyle for better performance.



I needed direction with my training to make sure I did the right things to reach my targets. The video demonstration before each exercise guides me to ensure I do it correctly. The App keeps a track of how much time I spend on each workout and I can rate the difficulty so that my coach can track my progress and modify the workouts so I can continue to advance. Having this accountability motivates me to remain committed. What makes this App stand out from all others is the quality of the program and that I can modify myself if there is an exercise I can't do due to an old injury.


Dabbs Fitness has made an excellent program for me to follow. The program is very easy to follow and an effective workout program using the excellent app. I can track my progression easily and the Dabbs fitness team are always on hand to answer any questions I have. I highly recommend it!


My target was to gradually lose 3kg whilst maintaining muscle mass and increase general increase strength and condition. 5 weeks in and I have healthily managed to lose and maintain 3.5 kg. It has been easy to track progress on the app, it is a interactive and also includes videos of how to carry out individual exercises correctly. Would highly recommend a tailored training program.


I needed a tailored training program due to my knee inury. I feel good, move well, and have much more energy. I have achieved results quicker than ever. I realise now that I did not know what I was doing before I tried a tailored training program, made for me and my targets.


I am on my 5th week for this program and I love it! I struggled to grow muscles and wanted a program to help me get bigger and stronger. I have improved in my sports since starting the program and can tell that I am getting stronger compared to my friends who can't go to the gym and don't have a training program.