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Holistic Wellness. Lifestyle Transformation.

Transform your Health with Dabbs Fitness Nutrition.

Nourish Your Potential,
Unleash Your Best Self.

Follow a plan completely personalised to your lifestyle, habits and preferences. Using year’s of experience, we support you on your journey to achieve the results you want.

Bespoke Nutrition Plan

Daily bespoke nutrition plan delivered through nutrition app and bi-weekly check-ins to adapt the plan for best results.

Full Lifestyle Audit

Daily bespoke full lifestyle plan including both nutrition and a holistic training program with daily support.

Head of Nutrition

Dr. Richie Barclay

Richie specialises in weight management, human performance, diabetes, older adults, gut and health-related nutrition. He holds a PhD in nutrition and physiology, specifically researching how older and diabetic adults respond to nutrition and exercise. He has been practising as a consultant performance nutritionist for 10 years and has helped 1000s of people achieve their goals.

Three Month

Bespoke Nutrition Plan

£650/ month
  • Comprehensive health assessment
  • Body composition analysis
  • In depth food diary analysis
  • Strategy for change
  • Daily plan & tacking on nutrition app
  • Bi-Weekly virtual 45 min consultation

Additional Add-Ons 

Blood analysis

Comprehensive well-man / well-woman blood analysis, report and recommendations.



Full one time DEXA scan and report.


Physiological Testing

Physiological testing and report including RMR, V02max and substrate utilisation.


RMR Test

Measure your metabolic rate, calorie expenditure, fat and carbohydrate utilisation.


Three Month

Full Lifestyle Audit 

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  • Comprehensive health & fitness assessment
  • DEXA scan & full body composition analysis
  • In-depth lifestyle analysis
  • Full nutrition plan & training program
  • Daily plan & tracking on training, recovery & nutrition
  • Daily support & weekly consultation

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