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Dabbs Fitness Corporate Program


At Dabbs Fitness, we believe that fitness is at the core of productivity, happiness, well-being, and our mission is to help people reach the best version of themselves.



Training is proven to increase productivity. Over 95% of clients report significant gains.


85% of workers are more likely to stay if their employer prioritises well-being.


Training and outside work activities have a positive effect on team spirit. 75% reported back significant improvement.

Build a bespoke solution for your company

Private Group Training

A private group session in our Mayfair gym, especially tailored to your team members.

Memberships for employees

Sponsor your employees to join our our Mayfair gym sessions.

Educational Seminars

We offer a wide range of educational seminars that can cover topics such as training, nutrition, sleep, recovery strategies and work mobility strategies.

One to one support

We can offer fully bespoke 1 to 1 support ranging from personal training, remote coaching, nutritional and recovery support.