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This program is designed optimally for fat-loss. There is a misconception that one should only train using HIIT or metabolic methods if weight loss is the goal. This is incorrect, and this is where many people go wrong with their training. This program uses a combination of full body strength training and conditioning methods, which has shown to be the most effective way to burn calories.


Follow our cutting edge strength & conditioning program in your gym.


Track your performance and progress with our training app. World leading AI will learn your strength levels and calculate how heavy you should go.


Analyse your performance and lifestyle. Find your perfect balance of training and lifestyle.


Achieve your body goals and learn how to live and train in a sustainable way for the rest of your life.


How you will train

  • 2 strength days
  • 1¬†metabolic day
  • 1 running day / conditioning day

Common question: "Should I do cardio or weights for fat loss?"

Women should perform strength training, and combine this with conditioning work for optimal results of fat loss and muscle tone. We give you the recipe - you follow.

Be confident in the gym! Stop worrying about which exercise to do next and how to perfom it. We have you covered!

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How it works

Own Your Training

Elite Training Software


Follow our program in your gym through our elite training app.

Our AI learns how strong you are and will tell you which weights you should use for the set and rep range.

  • Easy to navigate
  • Video demonstration for each exercise
  • Ground breaking analytics to track and analyse your training


Get support from our educational training portal. On the Dabbs Portal, you will have access to articles, videos on technique, stay on top of the latest training research.

Track your nutrition, perfect your technique and mobility. Follow recovery videos and tips.

  • Stay up to date
  • Provides support
  • Evidence based


Fat Loss – Female



  • Cutting edge programs
  • Track your performance
  • Analyse your performance
  • Find your balance
  • Training phases suited to you
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