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James Dabbs, the director and founder of Dabbs Fitness.

Find out more about our Founder James Dabbs, his training philosophies, sporting background, and why he started Dabbs Fitness.

James Dabbs is an ex professional football player, and now owns Dabbs Fitness. He is currently completing his MSc in Strength and Conditioning at St. Mary’s University Twickenham. James’ clients range from professional and semi-professional athletes with performance targets, to young professionals who love training and typically have more aesthetic targets, and older clients who want to lose weight, move and feel better.

James’ sporting background led to his passion for training, and also helped developed his dynamic, performance minded philosophies for training. James strongly believes that we should focus on performance when we train. Performance means something different for each person- for some of our older clients- performance may mean having more energy to walk up the stairs and stand up from the sofa. For our athlete clients, performance may mean faster sprint times, or more powerful jumping ability which translate to better performance on the court or pitch.

“When focusing on performance, and living a good lifestyle, aesthetic results such as weight loss, or muscle gain will come as a result of that. This also helps promote a longer-term mindset for clients, as they make progress over months, and years, not just a 6-week fat loss blast, just to see it return shortly after.”

James has a passion for helping people reach their physical potential, and strongly believes in a tailored training approach, providing every client with a bespoke training plan, designed for their body, their targets, and also their lifestyle and level. James’ innovative way of seeing training has led to not just bespoke personal training services, but also our niche ‘Semi Private Personal Training’ concept becoming very popular, and just as effective as any personal training session, with every client being assessed first, and then following a completely bespoke training plan designed for them.

James realises that we are all different, have different needs and goals, and that there is no ‘one size fits all aproach’. James is passionate about improving standards in the fitness industry and helping people ‘train better’. James loves training himself, and still plays a variety of sports, and is active almost every day, making sure he practises what he preaches.

If you want to learn more about James, or start training with him, please get in contact with us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

James Dabbs