The Dabbs gym is a boutiqe, private gym, located in the heart of Marylebone, London. We offer a range of services to suit your needs and targets. We will give you the tools to enable you to achive your best potential. This goes beyond the training sessions. We will tailor a training program to your lifestyle and educate you on how to tweak other lifestyle factors for best results.

There is a difference between exercise and training.

Personal Training

Follow your tailored training program with your coach. Work through different aspects of training and improve your technique. No matter what your goal is, we will help you reach it through a holistic approach.

  • Train privately with coach
  • Perfect techniques
  • Holistic plan

Semi-Private Personal Training

Follow your tailored program in a small group session with maximum ratio 1:4. This is a social way to follow a tailored program and receive elite coaching to a cost-effective price.

  • Social
  • Tailored program
  • Cost-effective

Personal Yoga

Train privately with our yoga teacher in the comfort of your own home. Work through a tailored session and improve your recovery to maximise training results. We also offer private yoga sessions in London parks.

  • Improve recovery
  • Perfect techniques
  • Work on breathing

We also offer tailored training programs.

We also offer tailored training programs for anyone from home trainees, gym-goers, to professional athletes with sport performance targets. You can be a part of Dabbs Fitness London without being located in London.