“The New Steak Dinner”

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We offer a number of training and consultation options at corporate rates for companies. Bring a client or your work team to this niche, forward thinking service.

At Dabbs Fitness we have the capacity to offer a number of beneficial services for companies. These include group training activities at our gym, training workshops in small groups at offices, and our signature offering of a private training session with James Dabbs, ideal to bring a client, replacing the cliche ‘steak dinner’ and providing a forward thinking, more invigorating and healthier approach for business. One of the reasons James Dabbs decided to open a gym, and didn’t want to work in the corporate world, was due to how hard it would be to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many client and networking events seem to be all about good food, and drink. Couple this with high levels of stress, and a rather sedated lifestyle, then it becomes very difficult to get results. Not to mention the general negative impact on your health and wellbeing. We see a gap in the market for a healthier option for doing business. 

We know that exercise can be a great stress release, as well as a great ice breaker, so why not bring a client to our gym for a PT session, instead of taking them out for dinner? You could throw ideas at each other between sets on the bench press. Who needs to shake hands on a deal, when you can high five after a tough workout? If you take a client for a training session, you will definitely stand out from the typical ‘steak dinner’ meeting. 

We also offer a team building service where you can bring your work team to a healthy team building activity. Perhaps a CEO, or manager, can reward their team, or members of staff, with a group HIIT class? This is not only a great bonding activity, it can also help your employees stay fit and healthy, perhaps kickstarting them on a fitness journey themselves, which will increase productivity and happiness at the office. We can allow up to a small group of 6 people to train at one time. We like this number, as it’s large enough to be fun, social, and inclusive, but also small enough to provide a good coaching session, ensuring proper technique on all exercises. 

We are in a fortunate position to have a boutique private gym space, which is ideal for the corporate package, allowing for groups or individuals to train in privacy. 

Get in touch with us if you would like to know more, or have any questions about this new, active way to do meetings.  

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I have rewarded some my clients with a training session at Dabbs Fitness, and it is always a great workout.

Yacine YacoubiInvestment Banker


Our elite strength and conditioning service caters to anyone, from professional athletes to beginners who are unconfident in the gym.


The ideal solution if you’re looking for the coaching and programming you get from Personal Training, in a more economical way.


We offer a variety of weekly classes. You can supplement your training with our strength class, recovery yoga, or conditioning HIIT class.


Enjoy private use of the facility and a tailored session with head coach James Dabbs. Bring a client or your team to this niche service.
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